Turning 40… in Italy!

Unlike some, I wasn’t afraid to turn 40.. in fact I tell people my age (even though women aren’t supposed to). I always thought I would celebrate my 40th in New York having been there 7 times but over the last 4 years I found a new love – Italy.

I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast several times and spent alot of time there last year, so going back to celebrate this year was a no brainer. I knew exactly where I wanted to be on my birthday – on a boat trip to Capri that I had already done 4 times with Pasqualino Coast to Coast. It’s my favourite thing to do while I’m there and have had wonderful experiences every single time… my birthday was no different and it was such a magical day! If there’s one thing I recommend you do if you’re ever in Sorrento, it’s a boat trip with Andrea which you won’t regret.

The photo that captured the essence of the day

I was lucky enough to have friends from Sydney, Portugal and Italy make my day extra special as you can see from the photo above! It was definitely the best birthday I have ever had and it didn’t end there. I’ve been celebrating with family and friends in Australia since arriving back home recently.

Celebrations back home

I have to say that I’ve embraced this milestone birthday and definitely made them most of it. Never have I celebrated a birthday this much, however never have I felt this comfortable in my own skin and never have I felt so fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful family and friends and to have such amazing opportunities and experiences in my life so far. Here’s to adventures for the next 40 years and beyond! 💖

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