What happened when I followed my heart…

In 2014 I went through a particularly stressful time at work when eventually I realised the rut I was in and the impacts this was having on me personally, physically and emotionally. It was only then that I knew I had to follow my heart and take a long, hard earned break. This prompted me to apply for 6 months off work and it was exactly a year ago today that I boarded a flight to Italy where I would have one of the most magical experiences of my life.

Looking back now I remember being a little nervous particularly because I was travelling alone, but deep down my instincts were telling me that everything was going to be okay… I had no idea what was to come and little did I know at the time but going on that trip was the best thing I ever did! Not only did I visit  plenty of beautiful cities and towns, I met the most wonderful people along the way and forged friendships that will last a lifetime..

One of those friendships was with Fulvio who was the host of the Sant’Agnello Airbnb apartment that I stayed in (who I’ve mentioned before in a previous post). He’s a hiking guide with Sorrento Hiking.  I went on multiple hikes with him and experienced some of the most amazing scenery and sunsets.. Not to mention his easygoing nature, great attitude and extensive knowledge which made it easy to be friends with him.

I quickly became a regular at Tonys Bar which was located in Sant’Agnello square and my coffee intake tripled because that’s what you do in Italy. The hospitality I experienced  was so welcoming that I shed a tear when I said goodbye to Tony, his wife and daughter.

The best mojito I’ve had to date would have to be at The Wine Bar. Why would I be having mojitos at a wine bar I hear you ask? Well, they are my favourite alcoholic beverage, however the wine selection here was impressive and diverse and yes I did have plenty of wine here also. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, the food was good and the live music on offer a couple of nights a week was the perfect touch.

Travelling solo certainly challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. Dining alone and enjoying a drink by myself is not something I did back home, however despite all my fears, I’ve never felt less alone than when I was traveling alone.

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