Breathtaking beauty

A few days ago I went on a hike with my Airbnb host Fulvio. He’s a guide who leads treks and walks with Sorrento Hiking, and a great one at that! I was impressed by his knowledge of flora, fauna and history of the town. I was also absolutely amazed by the scenery and we happened to go just in time for sunset. There is more to Sorrento than what the tourist websites tell you and I was lucky enough to experience this, thanks to Fulvio. The pictures below speak for themselves!

image (3)

I also visited Positano on the weekend and took the local SITA bus to get there. Now this was definitely an experience from buying my tickets, finding the bus stop and ensuring that I got on the bus amongst the large number of other tourists and locals. It was well worth it in the end because Positano is a beautiful picturesque town with dramatic cliffs and steep hills (which will benefit my all carb diet!). I stopped for a fabulous Octopus salad at Ristorante il Capitano which also offered a stunning view and am already looking forward to going back for my next meal.

image (6)

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