Settling in…

I’ve been in Sant’Agnello for 4 days but somehow it feels much longer. People can’t understand why I’m travelling alone and better still, why I’m here for 6 weeks. My response is why not?! I’m in a beautiful part of the world and the alternative is to be working long hours in an office on the other side of the world where winter is about to kick in. Every single person I’ve encountered thinks I’m Italian, not that i have a problem with that – except for one minor detail – I don’t speak the language. I’ve learnt quite quickly to say “non parlo Italiano”. They then think I’m either English or American. I’m waiting for someone to pick that I’m an Aussie with Lebanese heritage.I do regret not learning Italian before I arrived (even though i had signed up for a 6 week beginner course in Sydney that I never attended), however my iPhone apps will have to do for now and Google Translate has become my best friend!
I struggled on the phone today when I rang the local Pilates studio to enquire about classes. “How can I help you?” asked the lady on the other end Italian. My initial response was to give up and never call back again but I persisted and advised her that i would be there in person in a few minutes to explain.. I’ve now signed up for 3 days a week for the month of May because eating ricotta cannolis, pizzas and pasta every day means i might need a whole new wardrobe in a couple of weeks!!

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