The countdown is finally over!

I’ve finally arrived in Italy and the countdown is now over. I’ve been pinching myself alot the last few days and I’m filled with an immense amount of gratitude to be here. I spent the first 2 nights in Rome with a fantastic Australian host from Airbnb in a prime location called Ponte in the historic centre. On my last day I was enjoying a late breakfast in Piazza Navona listening to the sounds of a harp being played by a nearby busker, when she starting playing a tune by prominent Lebanese singer Fairouz that not only surprised but captivated me. This is the type of magical experience that money can’t buy and I somehow felt like I was in the right place at the right time.


I’ve now settled in my temporary home for 6 weeks in Sant’Agnello (not Sorrento, as I was advised quite early on that they are 2 separate towns). The view outside my kitchen window is of lemon and orange groves, church bells chime every hour and I woke up to the sound of singing birds. I went for a walk today to explore the town and stopped at a cafe with the view below. When I asked for the bill, the waiter informed me that someone had already fixed it up… only in Italy of course!

image (1)


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